Bodemleggers is tableware based on Rotterdam and its inhabitants. In a ‘no nonsense’ city like Rotterdam there is no need for excessive products. Tableware is a daily used product, necessary for everyone. At the end of the day, exhausted from all the hard work, Rotterdammers need a great meal. The design is inspired by the determined and never-ending construction work in Rotterdam. Bodemleggers represents the foundation of Rotterdam, the (re)construction, on your own dinner table. All elements of the original production technique of pouring a foundation are used for this tableware.

‘Wie niet werkt, kan niet eten. En wie niet hard werkt, telt in Rotterdam niet mee.’

The tableware consists of; a cutting board made of plywood where normally the formwork is made of, coasters made of rebar normally incorporated in the concrete, plates produced by means of formwork technology and made of concrete, the material used for the foundation of this city.

Year – 2014
Dimensions – Various
Materials – Concrete, Plywood, Rebar
Photography – Britt Berden